29.01 pripravujeme dva workshopy s indickým učiteľom Prof. Mukesh Kothari

1. VINYASA KRAMA – workshop ( 2 hours)

Conscious core applied in yoga asanas. The core is a vital concept in yoga practice. Though many times, it is not understood very well and students keep suffering unknowingly with lower back pain, weak muscles application during yoga postures, and inability to master the peak positions. Here in this core workshop, we will go deep into the core mechanics and muscles involved in the family of the core group. Once understood well anatomically, core applications can do the following miracle.

Why this workshop?

1. Your postures will become easier than before.

2. You will be able to master challenging postures such as Navasana 2, Vinyasa jump back, Mayurasana (Peacock), Bakasana or leg bak asana (Crane bird) and Ashtavakrasana (eight twisted poses), etc.

3. You will grow more understanding towards your body.

4. A step closer to hand stand.

5. You will become confident with variations of the head-stand.

6. Healthy back and pain-free practice.

The workshop is meant for?

1. Practitioners of ashtanga or vinyasa based style.

2. Students with on/off lower back pain or intervertebral disc issues.

3. Having knee pain on regular intervals.

4. Students aiming to arms balances based postures.

Workshop contents:

1. Understanding core through muscles application step by step in theory and practice.

2. Very well integrated yoga asana practice stemming from the BinduSar method.

3. Understanding joint mechanism when the core is applied.

4. Intermediate level of postures leading to peak poses, achieved through gradual warming of the body.

5. Very safe practice even advance in nature.

📅 TERMÍN: 29.01

⏰ 17:30 – 19:30

📩 prihlasovanie: dys.andrea@gmail.com

💶 PRICE: 40,-€


One leg pigeon series is the first part of the hip opening yoga workshop in Bratislava, taking it to the deeper level by focussing on muscle iliopsoas work. 

This is the key muscle, according to yoga that controls our movement, thoughts, state of mind, and satisfaction.

Since yoga came first, our lives have changed a lot, and its continuous challenges of daily life affect our hips and make them to locked up – and that’s not a good thing when it comes to pain, mobility, or even our emotions.

This workshop will make you to understand the state of your mind, and release of emotions will reduce the chaotic nature of the mind.

Nearly everything we do in daily life, it leads to closing up our hip muscles: sitting at your desk, driving, watching TV, reading, physical training, and even working out.

Too much sitting either at work or at home, in particular, shortens the hip flexors and hamstrings, which limits the range of motion and contributes to lower back pain, slouches, neck pain and bad posture.

According to the tenets of yoga, tight hips can also affect our mind and emotional state. The hips are believed to be the holding place for negative emotions such as fear and sadness as they constitute a significant section of lower chakras.

The yogic solution to both problems – physical and emotional – is to move prana, or energy, through the hips.

Bindusar yoga Rishikesh has Hip opening Fundamentals and evolution workshop of 120 minutes to explore your physical and emotional state.

📅 TERMÍN: 29.01

⏰ 15:00 – 17:00

📩 prihlasovanie: dys.andrea@gmail.com

💶 PRICE: 40,-€

V prípade zúčastnenia oboch kurzov cena 75,-€.